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You will need to log in to access the secure location of the site.

To login to iVisions for the first time you will need to access the District 6 enrollment portal at https://ssrpm.greeleyschools.org/

Once you are on the Password Portal click “Enroll” and fill in the information provided to you by HR. 

Once you have a District 6 account set up, you are ready to login to iVisions for the first time, please return to this site and login by pressing the "Login" button in the top right.

Users who log in for the first time may need to logout and back in to Infinite Visions in order for initial setup to occur.


Your User Name and Password will be the same as your general computer logon credentials.


User Name: The name portion of your e-mail address

(Example - jsmith for jsmith@greeleyschools.org

DO NOT include @greeleyschools.org in your username)

Password: The password that you use to logon to your computer. 


For username and password assistance first try resetting your password at https://ssrpm.greeleyschools.org/ for continued issues with your district credentials contact IT by calling 970-348-6565 or emailing ithelpdesk@greeleyschools.org.


For general IVisions help, contact Sean Buswell at ivhelpdesk@greeleyschools.org


Former Employees


Recently departed former employees IV accounts will temporarily lose access once their district account is closed. In order to regain access you will need to please email Sean Buswell anytime at sbuswell@greeleyschools.org(preferred) or call 970-348-6126 , Thurs 7:30-4:30




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